1.        Members of  the ACT Junior Chess League and other community chess tournament organizers may borrow chess equipment.

2.        For members in primary schools or younger, equipment can only be borrowed by their parents/guardians.

3.        The borrower is responsible for safeguarding the equipment while it is in his or her possession.

4.        The equipment is not to be transferred to another person without going through the loan procedure.

5.        If the equipment is stolen, immediately notify the equipment officer via email or phone.

6.        If the equipment is damaged or stolen while on loan, the borrower maybe required to cover the cost of repairing or replacement the equipment.

7.        The equipment should be returned to the custody of the equipment officer before the return date indicated in the loan form or once the purpose for its loan has been completed. If the loan period needs to be extended contact the loan officer.

Current equipment officer: Jifu Xing who can be reached at or 62420642

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