2012 Australian Schools Teams Chess Championships
Schools Chess in the Capital
Rules Applicable to the Australian Schools Team Championships (ASTC)

Laws of Chess

The FIDE Laws of Chess will apply.

Time Limits

The time limit for all four divisions will be 60 minutes plus a 10-second increment per move from move 1. (Note that, with this time limit, each player must record the moves until he/she has less than five minutes remaining on the clock)

Competition Rules

The Championships are governed by ACF By-law 4 (as amended 6 January 2005) which is as follows:

1. The Australian Schools Teams Championships comprise:
a. The Australian Secondary Schools Open Teams Championship;
b. The Australian Secondary Schools Girls Teams Championship;
c. The Australian Primary Schools Open Teams Championship; and
d. The Australian Primary Schools Girls Team Championships.

2. a. The Championships are to be held on a date or dates in December of each year to be determined by the Council.
b. The Council may determine that the Girls Championships be held on a date or dates different from those determined for the Open Championships.
c. If the Girls' Championship and the Open Championship are held on the same date or dates, a player shall not play for a team in both events.

3. a. Each affiliated State and Territory is entitled to be represented by one team in each Championship provided that the host State or Territory may enter a second team in a Championship so as to avoid there being a bye.
b. That team is to represent one school from the State or Territory.

4. a. Each team may comprise up to 6 players, any 4 of whom may play in any match.
b. Players are to be bona fide students of the secondary or primary school, as the case may be, in the State or Territory that their team represents.
c. Players are to be entered, and to play, in their teams in order of playing strength which is not to be varied during the Championships.
d. The names of the four players who are to play must be given to the arbiter at least 15 minutes before the round in which they are to play.
e. A list of all players in each team in order of playing strength is to be given to the arbiter and to each other team in the same Championship at least 30 minutes before the time appointed for the beginning of the first round.
f. A team that is dissatisfied with the order of playing strength notified for any other team in the same Championship may protest against that order by writing stating the grounds of the protest and given to the arbiter and to the team affected at least 20 minutes before the time appointed for the beginning of the first round. The arbiter, having given the team affected the opportunity to reply to the protest, shall determine the matter forthwith and may either dismiss the protest or uphold the protest and order that the playing order of the players in the team affected be varied as specified by the arbiter.

5. a. Each Championship shall be won by the team having the highest team points being the sum of points scored by all individual members of the team.
b. If more than one team in a Championship has the same number of team points, the following tie-break principles apply in the order listed:
(i) match points - 2 for a win, 1 for a draw, 0 for a loss;
(ii) team points scored in matches between the tied teams - eg if 3 teams in a tie each team would have a score out of 12;
(iii) as in (ii) but with preference given to wins on the highest board.
c. If, after applying (i) to (iii), any teams are still tied, the title is to be shared by those teams.

6. Subject to this By-law, the By-laws for ACF Tournaments 1. to 35. apply to the Championships.