2006/07 Festival of Junior Chess
Chess in the Capital
About the 2007 O2C Australian Junior Championship
The playing schedule for the Australian Junior Championship appears below. It is possible, with a greater than expected number of entrants, some sections of the event may be played in an earlier timeslot. And - of course - the timing of final day presentations does depend on the finishing time of our longest matches and the possibility of playoffs being required.

Click on each of the tournaments listed below for more details on time controls, prizes and information specific to each event

Section Details

Australian Junior Championships (FIDE Rated)
Australian Junior Girls Championships
Australian Junior Under 12 Championships
Australian Junior Girls Under 12 Championships
Australian Junior Lightning Championships
Australian Junior Rapid Championships
Australian Junior Problem-Solving Championships

Provided a minimum of 30 entries are received in a section of the event, ACTJCL guarantees awards & prize money to

•  1st place through 5th place in each section &
•  1st & 2nd in each age group U16, U16G, U14, U14G, U10, U10G

Where fewer than 30 entries are received in a section, prizes will be limited to 1st place through 3rd place in that section plus the appropriate age awards as specified in the details for the relevant section.

Additionally, where no fewer than 10 entrants are eligible for an age prize in a section of the tournament, a 3rd place age award will be added.

For the first time there will also be an official division for the littlest chess champions, with both an Under 8 Open and Under 8 Girl's title being awarded at these championships. Provided we receive some entrants in this section, ACTJCL guarantees awards and non-cash prizes to the winners of these divisions.

Please note that a number of by-laws from the Australian Chess Federation Constitution relate specifically to these Championship events and provide the framework for how the events are to run and how titles are awarded. These can be found here and here.

Schedule of Events

Sunday 14 January12.30pm Open Ceromony
Sunday 14 January1.30pm Round 1
Monday 15 January1.30pm Round 2
Tuesday 16 January1.30pm Round 3
Wednesday 17 January10am Rapid Play
Thursday 19 January1.30pm Round 4
Friday 19 January1.30pm Round 5
Saturday 20 January1.30pm Round 6
Sunday 21 January1.30pm Round 7
Monday 22 January1.30pm Round 8
Tuesday 23 January10am Problem Solving
Tuesday 23 January2pm Lightning
Wednesday 24 January1.30pm Round 9
Thursday 25 January1.30pm Round 10
Friday 26 January9.30am Round 11
Friday 26 January2pm Closing Ceremony and Presentation