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Daily Bulletins will be produced for the Australian Open and supporting events. The bulletins will be available online for no cost, or in printed form for a small charge.
Round 1 Bulletin
Round 2 Bulletin
Round 3 Bulletin
Round 4 Bulletin
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Round 6 Bulletin
Round 7 Bulletin
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Round 9 Bulletin
Round 10 Bulletin
Round 11 Bulletin

Live Game Coverage

Round 11

There will be live broadcasting of the games from the top boards available via this web site. There will also be a "replay" facility for all games played in the tournament, within 24 hours of the completion of the round.

Previous Rounds

Round 1-11 PGN File

2004-05 Australian Open (NB Macromedia Flash required to view this page)

Photo Gallery

Click on the link to see photos from the tournament
Photo Gallery