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Membership of the ACT Junior Chess League - How does it work?

Becoming a member of ACTJCL means you are eligible to join either Norths Chess Club, which meets at Radford College on Fridays during school terms, Souths Chess Club, that meets at Holy Trinity Primary School on Thursdays or the Advanced Group, that meets at Alfred Deakin High on Wednesday. These clubs are run by the ACTJCL, and up to date membership is required if you are participating, or would like to join any of these clubs.

Membership of ACTJCL is also expected if you are thinking of joining the Development Squad which is run over 6 Sundays throughout the year at Campbell High School.

One of the major benefits of membership is lower entry fees at weekend JCL tournaments at Campbell High. The current saving is $5 for a one-day tournament. Higher savings apply to two and three-day tournaments.

Membership is $15 for one child, or $20 for a family, for one year. This reduces to $10 and $15 respectively after 31 July each year. Becoming a member offers a saving to any child who plays in more than three single-day weekend tournaments.

Membership is for a calendar year, and must be renewed each calendar year to retain the benefits of membership. This is organized through either Norths, Southsor the Advanced Group, or at any weekend tournament. Please note that the JCL does not have facilities to send out renewal notices.

Membership of the ACTJCL is not necessary to play in weekend tournaments at Campbell High School.

Please note also that membership of the ACTJCL does not automatically make you a member of the ACT Chess Association (ACTCA). Membership of the ACTCA is a requirement to play in the Doeberl Cup played at the Hellenic Club at Easter each year, and a number of other chess clubs that are linked to the ACTCA.

The Membership Officer, Ms Emma Guo, can be contacted to answer any questions about membership.

Download the Membership Form here.